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Geocaching...How to Play!


This game is for all ages. I havn't met enough geocachers yet to be able to tell you the average age. All I know is that it is fun!

A "Fox News First" version of geocaching. What is it?

"From the Web to the Woods" video. WHAT is it?

To play this game you will need:

-Internet (I know you've got that because your online reading this right now!)

-A handheld GPS OR Map with Co-Ordinates

-Mode of transportation (You may be able to walk to your destination)

-Postal code (start with your own)

-Small treasure to place in cache (see geocoin or travel bug purchases at store) Please note: you can use any small toy or item if you don't want to track it accross the world. (I found a rubber lid opener one day and was tickled pink!)

Goto and search for caches close to your selected postal code. Enter the co-ordinates into your handheld GPS or read your map to find the position of the cache. Then go outside and search! For more information goto

Do you want more videos?

An "Introduction to Geocaching" here's another video

A "North Carolina Weekend" yet another video

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